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Corporate subscription by Kazzhol Hotels

A corporate subscription is a great option for companies with constantly traveling employees. By purchasing a subscription in our hotel chain, you do not need to think about finding a hotel, office and Co-working zone.

The subscription is valid in any of the Kazzhol hotels in Almaty and Nur-Sultan.


The offer includes:

* Day office (work area) during your stay at the hotel;

* 3 nights accommodation monthly in any hotel of the Kazzhol chain with an open date;

* Rent of a conference room for 5 hours, once a month;

* Daily Welcome Drink for hotel staff;

* Breakfast included;

* High-speed Wi Fi (room, office, conference room, restaurant);

* Visit to the SPA center (Kazzhol Park - gym);

* Possibility to increase the number of nights per month with a 15% discount;

* Discount for visiting the restaurant 15%.


Package cost

* Standard Package (accommodation in a Standard room)

1 month - 70,000 tenge per person (3 nights per month)

1 year - 770,000 tenge per person (1 month free)


* Comfort package

1 month - 99,000 tenge per person (3 nights per month)

1 year - 1,089,000 tenge per person (1 month free)


* Business package

1 month - 150,000 tenge per person (3 nights per month)

1 year - 1,650,000 tenge per person (1 month free)


A subscription is ideal for your company if:

* Your employees often travel on business trips to the cities of Almaty and Nur-Sultan and need a comfortable office and a room

* If you do not want to pay separately for the office, room and co-working area

* Your employees need a professional meeting environment - no noisy cafes or public places

Do you have questions about whether a corporate subscription is right for you? How will it work? Does this suit your needs?


Email us

in Almaty:,,

to Nur-Sultan:

... or call

in Almaty: +7 727 250 85 12, +7 727 250 18 45, +7 727 390 50 05

to Nur-Sultan: +7 7172 40 52 53, +7 7172 40 52 48



1. Can I carry over unused nights or conference room hours to the next month?

Yes, but only for the next month. For example, from May to June, from May to July or August cannot be transferred.


2. Can subscriptions be used by different employees?

Yes, but only by employees of your organization. You may not transfer or resell your subscription to other organizations.


3. Can I divide the number of nights in the room per month, for example, 2 in Almaty, 1 in Nur-Sultan?



4. What if all rooms or conference rooms are fully booked at the selected Kazzhol hotel?

We guarantee that we will provide you with a room 24 hours before your expected arrival. With less than 24 hours notice, your reservation is subject to availability.

For conference rooms, we will suggest the most suitable alternative time or place for meetings.


5. How do I cancel my subscription?

There is a 14-day cancellation period for monthly or annual subscriptions, otherwise your subscription will automatically renew. For example, if your subscription starts on September 1st, we need to be aware of your October cancellation before September 14th. If you do not cancel your subscription, we will send you an invoice for payment for the next month or year.

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