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Restaurant «Fergana»

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The Fergana hotel hosts a gourmet restaurant, having the same name – Fergana.

The ground-floor based restaurant with its Eastern style interior with a touch of Uzbek traditions, serves the Central Asian cuisine. However, you will also find your preferred European dishes.

There are:
  • Open buffet
    Every day from 07 to 10 o’clock in the morning and up to 11 o’clock during the days off, we offer you an open buffet service with a great variety of menu.
  • VIP chamber
    For more confidential meetings, small gatherings or family celebrations we would like to offer you our VIP-Chamber for up to 25 persons.
  • Paris hall
    If you decide to arrange a conference or a seminar with a business-lunch or a standing dinner, you can choose as the venue the Paris Hall, located at the 2nd floor of our hotel, very close to our conference hall. Delicious business lunches are abundant with large selection of specialties, various cold dishes and the freshest bread, buns and rolls.
  • A special offer for the banquets and cocktail dinners
    Eurasia Ballroom with 327 square meters is an ideal place to host any event. An elegant combination of soft illumination and natural tissues will make any party unforgettable.
    We have an extensive range of options: from mini cocktails to grand-scale festivities.
    An ideally coordinated team of managers, administrators and chefs will offer you the traditional menu or will make a new one, based on your tastes and preferences.
+ 7 (7172) 40 52 10
+ 7 (7172) 27 23 93
Wi-Fi Internet
Banquet hosting
Halal meals
Vegetarian Food
Baby Food
Excursions in Astana
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Excursions in Astana

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24-Hour Business Center
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24-Hour Business Center

24-Hour Business Center

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Transportation services are also for the guests’ services
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Transportation services are also for the guests’ services

Transportation services are also for the guests’ services

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Ball-room "Eurasia"

Is the ideal place for any event

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New spa-center
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New spa-center

Keep your fitness routline and improve your shape in Kazzhol Hotel spa-center!

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