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Banquet — is the most common form of celebration. During a banquet the guests will enjoy a really festive cooking show, comprising not only traditional, but also exotic dishes.
Furshet — is a rich selection of cold and hot snacks, canapés, fruits and desserts. Masterly execution and original way of serving will emphasize the sophistication and style of your event.
Cocktail — is a masterpiece of the cooking art in miniature. This format of event is usually not very long and provides for serving of the bite-size dishes.
Business lunch — is a buffet lunch with a wide selection of dishes that allows guests to selects food according to their preferences.
Coffee-break — is a necessary moment of rest during serious meetings and seminars. It may be arranged as a reception or in a personal format, according to the event program.
Catering — is a reception, cocktail, business lunch and BBQ organisation in the office, outside, etc. We will be happy to help you in arranging these events.
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Excursions in Almaty
Visit the most remarkable sights of Almaty city
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Special Wedding Package
With the Wedding Night Package from Kazzhol Hotel, couples are invited to unwind after their wedding day, celebrate a special occasion, or simply enjoy a romantic getaway
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Business-lux rooms
Spacious double room apartaments with a large bathroom
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Delicious business lunches "Cuisine of the world"
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Transportation services are also for the guests’ services
Transportation services are also for the guests’ services
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